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Convincing you to take a course from me? I leave that to other people!

Clear explanations and easy to do, even if you’re not a drawing prodigy. How proud you can be at the end if your drawing is successful. Would you like to? Just do it! Ellen

These courses are for everyone and highly recommended. Clear step-by-step explanation and above all lots of fun with your end result! Johanna

Karin explains very well what the possibilities are and she also teaches you to draw those nice animals! She does this in a very clear and inspiring way. In short, highly recommended, if there is a sequel I will be there.Loes

Karin Luttenberg is pleasant and she gives a very clear explanation. She shows you step by step how to do everything. Unfortunately it is online, but because of her nice explanation it is as if she is looking over your shoulder and helping you. She is pleasant to listen to, because that is not the case for everyone. I met her through a mother from school and started drawing again. I took the cute animal course and can’t wait for the next one. So I’ve already signed up for this one! Hellen

A while ago I accidentally discovered Paperfuel on Instagram. Often watched and participated in the doodle Thursday. Then bought the doodle xxl book. Then followed the cute animals course, which I really enjoyed doing. I like to make small drawings and with the inspiration and the good tips I now make nice cards and draw for myself. A logical follow-up to the cute animals course for me was the online instagram course ‘illustrating with alcohol markers’. This was more difficult in terms of level, but with the clear explanation doable. I have now infected 2 more friends with the paperfuel virus. Marianne

Karin is someone who explains in a very calm, clear way how a drawing is created and ensures that her explanation is easy to understand and can be followed for all levels. She explains how she draws, why she makes certain choices and which materials can help. With Karin’s courses everyone learns to draw, even you who think you can’t draw! Sierra

Accessible and very fun to draw with Karin. The pace is just right! All courses are easy to follow and you will be amazed at what you can make yourself. Recommended! Claudia

Karin’s courses are accessible with a fresh vibe. With a super nice explanation you will come to surprising results, which you can continue with yourself later. In short, highly recommended! I am very much looking forward to the sequel and I certainly plan to follow other workshops from Karin. Renske

I have already followed several courses with Karin. They are super fun, educational, very diverse and very accessible. Also for beginners, or if you think you can’t draw but want to try it anyway. Clear explanations are given and you are taken step by step. Suddenly you made something that you didn’t know you could do. It does have a tempo, but it is generally easy to follow. And otherwise everything can be looked back. You will also receive an email after every lesson with a summary (very handy to keep) and a nice homework assignment, so that you can practice immediately. I learned a lot from Karin about various techniques, different materials, but also about perspective in urban sketching and drawing cute animals. Sometimes I was really surprised at my own abilities. Marjolein

I followed the Cute Animals course with Karin and because she explains it well I immediately seemed like a pro! The code word is basic shapes, so simple really but never thought of before. Enjoyed the fun lessons and learned a lot! Working with the Promarkers was also well explained. I had never worked with that before and am an instant fan! Geertje

Karin’s Cute Animals course is very accessible. With a clear explanation that guides you step by step through the process, you come to a very cute and cool end result. Every time I take a lesson from Karin, I am amazed at myself. In addition, the enthusiasm is always splashing and Karin gives me the confidence that I can also draw very nice cute animals. Add a touch of humor and self-mockery and you have a fantastic, fun and above all educational lesson every time! I’m already looking forward to the next course! Wendy

Drawing cute animals is a really nice course, which is also nice that you quickly learn how to draw an animal, so I can do a follow-up course! I also followed the “illustrating with alcohol markers” course, which was super fun to do. Seems very difficult, but Karin tells you step by step how to build up the drawing. And she has a pleasant voice. Now I’ve been doubting the course “urban sketching” for a while, but I think I want to take it too. Especially to go out with your sketchbook and then draw what you see! Anyway….the courses and workshops are way too much fun! Fabienne

De cute animals workshop was geweldig. Heb nog meer kunnen leren door de goede begeleiding van karin. Je krijgt meer inzicht op wat man moet letten. Heel erg leuke workshop. Karin is rustig met praten en duidelijk met de uitleg. Door haar heb ik het tekenen goed beleerd. Kerstin

The online course “cute animals” was a lot of fun to follow. Although my talent does not lie in drawing, Karin’s explanation worked very well. And it’s funny how much adults wanted to get homework from Karin. I look forward to a follow-up course. Jannie

I started the course illustrating with alcohol markers, which seemed difficult for me as a beginner, but with Karin’s explanation and tips it all worked out well. And because of her enthusiasm I immediately continued with the Urban Sketching 2.0 workshop. I had never done anything like that before, but again because of her super explanation and tips, that also turned out well and I now also make awesome sketches myself. And you can’t think of stopping because then the cute animals came, also very nice and super explanation. I am very happy with Karin’s workshops and will certainly be doing more of Karin’s workshops in the future. Patricia

I have attended all courses! Why? Because they are simply great! What a party! There is a good pace in the lessons and every time a level further! The explanation is also very clear. And believe me, even if you think you can’t! You can do it too! Ditske

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