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Let your fantasy do the talking en discover the world of drawing! I, Karin Luttenberg, love to take you there!


Are you seeing all these cute animals coming by and you don’t know how to draw them? Than this course is perfect for you.


Banners, serif, bold types and composition. Learn all of the basics of handlettering and beyond in these two courses.


How great would it be to have a cute cartoongirl on paper in no time! To put your mood in a journal or give a little portrait as a present!

“The magic of the world!”, said the little boy! And that is exactly what you are going to discover in these workshops. I will show you how to bring complex drawings back to the basic shapes. This way everyone just can learn how to draw. Are you ready for some fun?

The past couple of years I had the honour to teach over 2.000 people. From illustrating to handlettering and urban sketching. I hope I can pass the drawing vibe to you!

Magic by Karin Luttenberg

You will see it will be magic on paper. Sometimes drawings look harder to learn than they really are. Draw with me and I will show you how easy it is with the step-by-step examples.

It is my mission to let everone (re)discover their creative side. How much fun drawing really is. Because we all carry some creativeness in us but sometimes it needs a little spark!

Ask it Karin Luttenberg
Do you have a question about one of the courses or do you wonder if it’s something for you? Read the reviews or drop me a mail at info@paperfuel.nl

Convincing you to take a course from me? I leave that to other people! 😉

“Karin's 'cute animal' course is very accessible. With a clear explanation that guides you step by step through the process, you come to a very cute and cool end result. Every time I take a lesson from Karin, I am amazed by myself.”
“Karin is pleasant and she gives a very clear explanation. She shows you step by step how to do everything online. Unfortunately it is online, but because of her nice explanation it is as if she is looking over your shoulder and helping you.”
“Every beginning is difficult, but the clear explanation made this a very accessible course, suitable for every level of creativity. Fortunately, you can watch the videos over and over again. I am already looking forward to the next course!”

Hi it’s me, Karin Luttenberg. It all started with an instagram account where I shared nice pictures of my first hand lettering. In 2016 I published my first book ‘Handlettering doe je zo!’, which was sold out within a week. At the moment book thirteen is published and I can now work full-time on my brand. I really want to share my passion with you. I could use my experience as a graphic designer very well in my new hand lettering adventure. I design my books, stationery and other collections myself from A to Z. The best for a perfectionist like me.

The books of Karin Luttenberg

This is my 12th book that has come out. Anyone can draw with this book. There are many step-by-step examples for easy drawing. In addition, you will find pages filled with inspiration.



My first book! This became an instant bestseller and was on this list for over a year. Here you will find all the basics to get started with hand lettering! Super handy as a reference for the handlettering course!

In this book you will find more than 175 examples of girls who
laugh, cry, be a little angry or very happy! You will be amazed what you can put on paper in no time with these tips and tricks!

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