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We all have dreams… about how great it would be to publish your own book. Or how cool it would be to see your own stationery line throughout the Netherlands… And when those dreams really come true, it’s unbelievable. Even after 21 prints of my first hand lettering book, I still have to pinch myself sometimes. Everything changed with the email I received from Moon publishers on January 5, 2016. My first book Handlettering! was published in July 2016. The book was in the Bestseller 60 for over a year. Sometimes even above Harry Potter… whaaa! How cool!


Then came the second book, a workbook that again became a great success. We are now 12 books further. Because the books are so successful, many more opportunities presented themselves. That’s how I got my own hand lettering program on rtl8. Again a great experience! Every week back and forth to the media park in Hilversum where we worked with a super nice team. How sleep-inducing it was sometimes to them that I was there for hours handlettering! 😉 But they survived.

In addition, I received a complete stationery line that I am really proud of. An even more extensive line is ready for the coming year. For Walt Disney I was allowed a poster designs in my hand lettering style with the theme ‘Dare to dream’. How appropriate for my story! In short: it is everything and more I ever dreamed of! I hope to inspire you with my story. Dare to dream!

With love,
Karin Luttenberg

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